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At Smytec we provide cutting edge technology solutions for forensic evidence recovery. Our ground-breaking and patent-pending BlindSite technology range is positioned to revolutionize the search and recovery of forensic evidence. BlindSite provides a unique non-contact-non-destructive (NCND) approach that can be used independently or in parallel with current procedures.

Unlike other forensic imaging techniques, BlindSite can be used in bright daylight or in darkened conditions without any need for prior chemical or physical enhancement techniques or scene setup requirements such as ALS. 

BlindSite Scene a forensic imaging tool


BlindSite is an all-in-one forensic imaging tool for searching, locating, targeting, capturing and identifying a wide variety of evidence types from hundreds of different porous and non-porous surfaces, including: 


Latent Fingermarks 

Latent Fingermarks from Post-Blast IED Fragments and Debris


Body Fluids: including Blood and Semen 

Trace DNA 

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