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At Smytec we provide cutting edge technology solutions for forensic evidence recovery. Our ground-breaking and patent-pending BlindSite technology is positioned to revolutionise the recovery of forensic evidence. Offering a unique non-contact-non-destructive (NCND) approach, able to be used independently or in parallel with current procedures, it can also be used in bright daylight or in darkened conditions without any need for prior chemical or physical enhancement techniques to search, locate, target and identify a wide variety of evidence types.

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BlindSite can be used independently for searching a scene and recovering physical and trace evidence from a variety of surfaces, including porous & non-porous, in a small, handheld device. BlindSite can be used for the locating, visualizing and identification of fingermarks at various types of crime scenes, including recovering fingermarks from post-blast IED fragments. Trace evidence can also be located, targeted and identified, including Touch DNAbodily fluids (blood, semen, saliva, urine), and drugs and explosives. No prior chemical or physical enhancement treatments are required, or any specialized scene setup conditions. BlindSite can be used in bright or dark environments, without impacting its performance, and leaves no trace, being suitable for covert situations.

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