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BlindSite is a handheld, portable and easy to use forensic platform technology

BlindSite offers a unique and patent-pending non-contact-non-destructive (NCND) scene search and evidence recovery technique for locating, identifying and recovering fingermarks, touch DNA, bodily fluids, and trace evidence. No prior chemical or physical treatments are required and BlindSite can be used in bright sunlight or darkened environments.

Fingermarks can be recovered from various porous and non-porous surfaces, including metals, plastics, glass, mobile phone screens, electronic items, adhesives tapes, furniture, painted walls, doors, crockery, papers, and a variety of other common surfaces

BlindSite has a 65% success rate recovering fingermarks from post-blast IED fragments and debris - a major improvement on other competitive techniques with success rates of only 2%

BlindSite can be used to locate, target and identify Touch DNA at the scene on a huge variety of surfaces, enabling faster and higher quality recovery of DNA material. This has major benefits for productivity and efficiency, and reduces the need for speculative techniques.

Bodily fluids (blood, semen, saliva and urine) can be located and identified without any prior speculative treatments, preserving evidence and DNA, removing contamination concerns and improving productivity

Being NCND evidence remains preserved allowing DNA analysis to also be performed, doubling the chances for identifying a suspect

Additional trace evidence can be identified, including various drugs and explosives

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