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Handheld, portable and easy to use forensic imaging technology

Unique, patent-pending hybrid technology combining multispectral and hyperspectral imaging – the only technology of its kind in the world

Evidence search, location, visualization, capture and recovery at crime scenes

Easily use on various porous and non-porous surfaces

No prior chemical or physical enhancement treatments are required

No need for specialist scene setup: no Alternate Light Sources, no darkening of scenes

Able to be used in bright sunlight and dark condition without impacting performance

Perfectly suited to covert operations and intelligence gathering: compact, light weight, broad evidence capture, non-contact-non-destructive

Preservation of evidence, improved integrity of evidence, higher quality evidence: preserves DNA providing opportunity to capture a fingermark and swab for DNA, doubling chances of identification

Huge productivity improvements

Removes human error 

Integrated secondary scene recording camera: dashcam/bodycam concept, continuously records the scene, providing easy reference

Integrated proprietary sensor for 3D reconstruction of the scene

Overlay captured evidence onto image still from secondary video recording and 3D scene reconstruction for easy interpretation and additional context

Image analysis capability using 7-inch touchscreen and easy to use User Interface

Continuously logged Metadata for improved integrity and security, including GPS time, date and position data

Easy and seamless transfer of data to various Case Management Systems

In-built AFIS, including quality assessment and on-board exemplar database comparison: immediate identification of potential suspect (perfect for scenarios such as live shooter incidents to provide an immediate identification, or for specialist defense applications)

Direct connectivity and compatibility with national AFIS databases

Customizable connectivity options: USB, SD Card, HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular

Optional remote operation: for use on EOD robots or drones (ie. for use at hazardous or very complex scenes)

2+ hour battery life continual use

Rechargeable and removeable battery


Three versions of BlindSite available:

BlindSite Elite – optimized for post-blast fingermark and latent fingermarks on porous materials, along with functionality for latent fingermarks, blood, semen and touch DNA

BlindSite Scene – our smallest and most light-weight version for in the field and scene deployment.

Contact us for our BlindSite Scene model configurations: Fingermarks & Touch DNA / Blood / Semen / Body Fluids / Multi-Evidence

BlindSite Lab – dedicated laboratory BlindSite setup, with the full range of functionality and evidence types, in a small, compact laboratory set up


If you are interested in BlindSite please register your interest here

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