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Smytec has a strong history of academic research, university tech transfer, and academic teaching, training and demonstrating.

Dr Alexander Smyth, Smytec CEO, has years of experience in teaching, demonstrating and training academic students and staff through his multiple Masters and PhD activities. He has also presented key note presentations at multiple international conferences, demonstrating his ability to describe complex, technical content to a varied audience. Alex’s expertise can be sought for training, teaching, seminars, demonstrations and lectures spanning a wide variety of forensic disciplines, from crime scene investigation through to post-blast evidence retrieval.

Paul Garman, Smytec Director of Commercial Operations, has been an integral member of the Innovate UK ICURe Programme since its inception, providing expertise and knowledge to tech transfer, and guiding multiple University spin outs to successfully develop in the commercial world. Although our company focusses on police, forensics and defense, our expertise can also be sought for academic tech transfer, Innovate UK applicants, ICURe entrepreneurs, and other technology start-up companies.

Smytec’s team have all been heavily involved in academic research prior to forming Smytec. Our experiences range from embarking on Masters' and PhD degrees, to offering business advice to budding academic spin outs and researcher entrepreneurs. As is apparent from the other consultancy activities we provide, we can offer academic teaching and training in the technical, scientific and legal aspects of forensic science, the criminal justice system, terrorism, and policing. We can also provide this expertise to private and public agencies as well as charities working in this sector.

At Smytec we are keen to engage our internal R&D team with academic research projects to help push forensic science and policing further and provide greater opportunities for higher quality evidence recovery. We are a visionary company pushing to improve the criminal justice system through innovative technology and cutting edge research.

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