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BlindSite Scene being used at a scene

BlindSite has the highest success rate on the market for recovering fingermarks from post-blast IED fragments and debris: nearly 30 times better than current techniques

Non-contact-non-destructive, preserving evidence for further analyses, such as DNA and post-blast residue

BlindSite demonstrates that fingermark evidence can be captured at terrorist incidents, bombings and post-blast scenes, providing critical evidential information on prospective suspects

Fingermarks from a Vehicle Bomb
Fingermarks from a Vehicle Bomb

Fingermarks from a vehicle bomb

Fingermarks are the only evidence type to prove someone touched an IED – providing the strongest proof available to connect someone with these atrocities

BlindSite can also target and locate Trace DNA on post-blast fragments and debris, providing a targeted approach for DNA recovery, improving the quality of the DNA and the speed to obtaining fragile biological information as quickly as possible, improving the chances of successful analysis

BlindSite scene gathering evidence
Fingermarks from a Suicide vest bomb
Fingermarks from a Backpack Bomb

Through the remote deployment on an EOD robot, or by an EOD officer, BlindSite can be used to recover fingermarks from suspected IEDs before they are rendered safe

Fingermarks from Suicide Vest bomb 

Fingermark from Backpacker bomb

BlindSite Scene
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