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Searching for Semen

BlindSite Scene Searching for blood

BlindSite can search, locate, visualize and capture body fluids at the scene

Non-contact-non-destructive, preserving DNA, reducing human error, and removing cross-contamination

Searching for Blood 

No chemical or enhancements are needed - no specialist lights sources of goggles

Can be used in bright daylight or in dark conditions

This provides a scene of crime officer with rapid, targeted examination of a scene, including Blood and Semen

BlindSite Scene searching for semen


Unique detection of both blood absorption and fluorescence - increases the chances of locating blood spots or spatter that are not visible using other techniques

Blood found on a black bin bag

Blood on black bin bag

Blood found on a Blade

Blood on Knife Blade


Unique capability to detect semen fluorescence and absorption - increasing the likelihood of locating semen at a scene

Semen found on the Carpet

Semen on carpet

Semen found on White T-shirt

Semen on white t-shirt

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