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Smytec offers a range of consultancy and Bureau-style opportunities for police, forensic practitioners, defence agencies and academic institutes

These include:

IEDs, Explosives and Terrorism - With our technology, identification quality fingerprints can be rapidly retrieved from terrorist sites without impacting on further forensic analyses, such as DNA and explosive residue analysis, due to BlindSite's NCND application

Cold Case Evidence - Smytec is able to offer a service to analyse or reanalyse cold case evidence or old evidence from cases that have either been reopened or closed through a NCND fingerprint retrieval method

Crime Scene Investigation - We can offer teaching and training in crime scene investigation through a wide range of expertise covering the scientific, technical and legal areas of crime scene investigation and the criminal justice system, from evidence collected at the scene through to that evidence being used in court and expert witness testimony

Wildlife Poaching -  We can provide a NCND technique for analysing recovered ivory and rhino horn for fingerprint evidence which could prove crucial in identifying an individual or network of individuals involved in this international black market

Academic and Commercial Consultancy - Although our company focusses on police, forensics and defence, we are keen to offer assistance and advice, where needed, to academic tech transfer, Innovate UK applicants, ICURe entrepreneurs, and other technology start-up companies

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