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Smytec are a world leader in fingermark evidence recovery from terrorist incidents, post-blast IED scenes, and bombings. Dr Alexander Smyth, Smytec CEO, has nearly a decade of experience working with FBI Special Agents and other international agencies and is a member of the renowned International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI).

Car Bomb
Car Bomb

Our BlindSite technology provides the highest sensitivity and success rate for searching, locating, targeting and capturing latent fingermarks from post-blast fragments and debris.

The use of IEDs is a growing threat internationally, but as their use has grown, so now has our ability to identify those responsible. With Smytec’s BlindSite technology, high quality fingermarks can be rapidly retrieved from terrorist sites without impacting on further forensic analyses, such as DNA and explosive residue analysis, due to BlindSite’s non-contact-non-destructive application.

Car Bomb

These incidents often have multiple layers of investigation associated with them – from traditional scene search and recovery, to explosives and IED investigation, extended exposure of heat and flame (similar to arson scenes), and often multiple casualties. It is critical at these scenes to preserve as much of the evidence as possible, while employing public safety procedures and optimal first response protocols to any casualties. Rapid identification of those responsible and their network of associates is paramount.

At Smytec, we can acquire high quality fingermarks directly at the scene using BlindSite, with potential for rapid comparison through our in-built AFIS to identify the person who detonated an IED, and also a network of individuals involved in the preparation, assembling, transporting, and detonating of the IED. This is a unique capability that we provide.

Smytec can also provide training and consultancy during post-blast investigations and offer an option to lease BlindSite during an investigation. Additionally, we can provide a service to assess and examine post-blast evidence for fingermarks, whether the fragments are relatively new or years old. We can also provide training, teaching, support, guidance and expertise throughout these investigations, to police, defense agencies, forensic practitioners, and academics.

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