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At Smytec, we are able to offer a service to analyze or reanalyze cold case evidence or old evidence from cases that have either been reopened or previously closed, using our non-contact-non-destructive BlindSite technology. Dr Alexander Smyth, Smytec CEO, and Robert Thompson, Smytec CTO, have a vast amount of experience in examining aged specimens, often years old, with precise and highly sensitive examination.

Through its unique non-contact-non-destructive operation, BlindSite does not damage, interfere, touch, or impact the old evidence at all. Our technology can recover fingermarks from evidence that is in excess of 5 years old, including post-blast fragments that have been stored for many years. BlindSite can also retrieve fingermarks from a variety of evidence types and surfaces, including both porous and non-porous. Trace DNA and other body secretion traces can also be targeted, located and captured, providing further insight for possible DNA analysis.

Smytec provides a rapid method, meaning old evidence does not have to be exposed for a long time. We also do not require any prior chemical or physical treatments for enhancement, leaving the old evidence intact.

We can provide training, teaching, support, guidance and expertise for cold case investigation, as well as offering an option to lease BlindSite for cold-case analyses.

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