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BlindSite can recover high quality latent fingermarks from hundreds of different porous and non-porous surfaces without any prior physical or chemical enhancements needed, including electronics, mobile phones, metals, plastics, glass, household fixtures & fittings, and many others

In-built AFIS for quality determination and rapid exemplar database comparison

AFIS Example.png

Latent Fingermark from Glass Window 

29 minutiae extracted and ridge pattern shown

29 minutiae on black-white negative 

Corresponding minutiae on examplar from database 

Non-contact non-destructive, removing human error associated with current physical and chemical fingermark techniques


Smytec have performed validation & verification testing against common fingerprint retrieval powders, with assistance from fingerprint examiners from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. BlindSite greatly outperforms fingerprint powders:

To corroborate these results, Smytec performed an AFIS-validation study which found that 96% of fingermarks recovered with BlindSite provided a “match”

Validation testing Table showing Blindsite outperforming fingerprint powders.png
Glass Window.png

Glass window

Painted Wall.png

Painted wall 

Mobile Phone Screen.png

Mobile phone screen 



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